The 6 Major Causes of Gynecomastia

by admin on August 4, 2009

If you’re looking to get rid of your Man Boobs as quickly as possible, you’ve found the best place to start. It is essential that you know what’s causing them before you can make them go away. Without understanding the root causes of Gynecomastia, you’ll never be able to cure it naturally and you be stuck wearing a mens girdle forever. Even if you’ve commited yourself to surgically reducing them, without knowing the 6 primary causes of Gynecomastia below, they’ll simply come back as time goes on.

So, if you plan on nipping your Gynecomastia in the bud and getting rid of it once and for all, take a moment to learn these 6 Gynecomastia culprits below. This article will show you exactly what’s causing your Man Boobs and what you can do to get rid of them naturally and quickly, starting today.

As you read each one of these causes, recognizing which one matches with the root of your Gynecomastia will prepare you to attack the problem in a unique way. Each of these 6 causes will require a slightly different action plan when it comes to making your Man Boobs go away and ensuring they don’t come back.


This is perhaps the most common occurence of early developmental gynecomastia. Adolescent males will often experience breast enlargement due to the fluctuation of their hormones during this time period. The breast enlargement is generally only temporary and doctors may advise a “wait and see” approach. This is because the breast tissue should recede once puberty nears its end. If the breast tissue is persistent after the age of 21, it may indicate a long-term condition.


Decreased production of the male hormone, testosterone, plays a major part in this scenario. If you were overweight from a young age and didn’t take steps towards becoming more slim and fit, the probability of developing Gynecomastia through age will increase.


Of course with weight gain, enlarged breasts in men often develop. The problem becomes most noticeable when the overweight person starts to lose the weight. The fat stored in the breast tissue becomes stubborn to burn off through exercise. It is after years of this frustration that people often begin to look for medical alternatives. Obesity induced Gynecomastia actually has its own category and is called Pseudo Gynecomastia. It happens to be the easiest form of Man Boobs to get rid of. This is good news if you fit into this group of people.

Breast Cancer

The onset of Gynecomastia can be a warning sign of problems with the breast tissue. Although male breast cancer is very rare, you should be examined by a doctor if you have the sudden formation of “man boobs” or excessive glandular swelling. A tumor could affect glands and would then fluctuate your estrogen and testosterone hormonal levels.

Males with an XXY Chromosome

This factor can lead to the man producing excess female hormones such as estrogen. With these hormones in play, breasts may develop. Obviously this is a risk factor that is somewhat unavoidable.

Medications and Drugs

Steroid abuse and Marijuana use have been linked to Gynecomastia. Blood pressure medicines, hormones and other medications may also cause an increase in estrogen levels. This would contribute to “man boobs” as well.
Once you’ve identified the 6 primary causes of Gynecomastia, the next step is taking effective action towards making the condition go away. You can do this naturally and within a matter of WEEKS once you know the right tactics to implement.

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