Read These Tips on Getting Rid of Male Breasts & Learn About Gynecomastia and Exercise!

by admin on October 6, 2010

Gynecomastia and ExerciseIf you have Gynecomastia, then you have “man boobs” or “moobs”. This can be extremely upsetting for a man. While it’s not all that uncommon, you probably feel self-conscious anyway. This kind of problem can lower self-esteem, and it’s not easy to overcome. Getting rid of male breasts isn’t always easy.

Hiding them with a mens girdle is always an option. But, wouldn’t it be great to get rid of this problem altogether?

Gynecomastia and exercise, or lack thereof, go hand in hand. Often, men develop breasts due to fatty deposits in the chest area. Having excess body fat is one of the main causes of man boobs. This is why it’s essential that you eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Here are some Gynecomastia and exercise tips:

• Stair sprinting is a great exercise. Run up and down a flight of steps for as long as you can. Try doing ten sets a day of running up, and then running right back down. You can take a break in between each set. This is a great exercise because it involves the entire body and burns a lot of fat.

• Any exercise that focuses on the upper chest area is good. However, you can’t spot reduce when you exercise. This means you can’t just lose your man boobs without losing fat from the rest of your body as well. What chest exercises do is build your pectoral muscles. In order to see the change, you will have to do fat burning exercises in addition to chest exercises.

• Do some weight training. Some examples of weight training exercises include incline, bench-pressing with barbells, chest flies, and push-ups. Try performing these exercises in sets of ten reps per set. You don’t have to do all of these, but pick at least two and stick with them. Increase the amount of reps you do every other week.

• Do some cardio! Stair sprinting is just one example of cardiovascular exercises. You can also play sports, swim, run, jog, ride a bicycle, etc. Any type of physical activity that gets your heart pumping is a must. If you’re not used to working out, you can start out slowly. For instance, you can mix jogging with walking. Keep up with the exercising and you’ll be running five miles before you know it! Just take your time and gradually increase the amount that you do.

In addition to Gynecomastia and exercise, you also need to eat healthier if you want to lose your man boobs. If you feel as if you have no energy for working out, then your diet is probably lacking in nutrients and vitamins. Start eating healthier and drink a lot of water and green tea. Avoid junk food and fattening foods, as they will only make you feel more sluggish.

Here are some foods you can eat to increase your energy:

  • Spinach. Popeye knew what he was talking about!
  • Oranges. They increase iron and boost energy levels.
  • Salmon. This is a huge source of omega-3 essential fatty acids.
  • Nuts and seeds. They provide the body with energy and “good fats”.
  • Fruits. When your body is craving sugar, give it healthy, natural sugar.
  • Legumes. These will provide your body with a stable supply of energy. Eat legumes before starting a workout.

Now that you know what to eat and how to work out, you can get started on your weight loss regime! Losing fat and toning up your body will help you get rid of your man boobs.

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