10 Important Questions for Your Gynecomastia Doctor

by admin on October 9, 2009

If you’re ready to finally do something about your Gynecomastia, there are some VERY important questions you should be asking your doctor. Maybe you haven’t decided whether you’re going to go about the surgical route or the natural route for getting rid of your “Man Boobs”. Either way, this article contains vital questions you should be asking at your next appointment.

1. How can I know if surgery is right for me?
Your doctor should be able to tell you what surgery can do for you and to help you understand the risks. Only you can decide whether the operation is right for you. No doctor will guarantee perfect results because each body heals differently.

2. Can I get the same results without surgery?
Oftentimes there are alternative, like the ones offered on this site. Determine if your needs fall into this category.When you are examined in the office, your doctor will be able to assess the possibility of other treatments.

3. How much will the operation cost?
When calculating the cost remember there are several separate charges. There is a surgeon’s fee. There is the cost of the operating room and supplies. And of course (many people forget) there is a separate charge for anesthesia.

4. Will my insurance pay for this surgery?
Most Insurance companies only pay for surgery if it is not considered cosmetic surgery. You can always ask your doctor to write a letter of recommendation to them. This may help.

5. How do I prepare for surgery?
Think about what you will need in the house in the days after surgery. You may want to run errands like taking money out of the bank or doing laundry, stocking up on food etc. For a few days before surgery you may want to get plenty of vitamins and stay as healthy as possible. Do not take aspirin before surgery. You doctor will most likely advise this. It thins the blood and will cause excessive bleeding during the surgery.

6. Can I take my regular medicines before surgery?
Go through the list of your regular medication with your doctor and find out what should and should not be omitted.

7. Are there any medicines I should not take before surgery?
Yes. Do not take aspirin for two weeks before surgery. It may increase the risk of bleeding. There will be a host of other medicines on the “do not take” list, so go over the details with your physician.

8. What can I eat before surgery?
Once again, your doctor will specify the guidelines but often it is advised that a patient not eat at least eight hours prior to surgery. This is because when mixed with the anesthesia, having food in your system can cause vomiting and this can present itself as a very serious condition. Many doctors will cancel surgery if you do eat within a certain timeframe.

9. Is there anything I can do to reduce scarring to bruising?
Rest is very important. Ice will reduce the swelling and pain. Apply it carefully so you do not damage the area. In all honesty, scarring can be unpredictable after the incisions have been made. Vitamin E can help on scar tissue and fade the discoloration.

10. Is there anything I need to tell the surgeon before surgery?
Always be honest and upfront with your physician. Tell them what you would like to accomplish with surgery and they will help you be realistic with your goals. Your physician may have you wear a mens girdle or compression vest during your recovery for added support.

This isn’t the end of the line…

There are many more questions you will need to ask your physician before surgery or about alternate treatments, so don’t treat this list as if it encompasses everything. This is a good start to understanding your condition and how surgery will play a part in the correction of it.

If you’re still on the fence about taking the plunge when it comes to Gynecomastia surgery, you can start losing Man Boobs naturally right now using a step by step strategy outlined HERE.

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